New Project

   For a while now I have been working on a new webcomic series. I’ve yet to decide what hosting to actually use. Whether to use free webcomic hosting, paid website hosting such as dreamhost or bluehost with comicpress, or to simply use this very same wordpress and comicpress that I’m using now.

    Honestly, I don’t know if I should even bother continuing with the new project at all. Not many look at my work and it’s very  un encouraging to continue when no one appreciates my art…


Should I Make Prints?

  I’ve been debating whether I should make and sell prints of my current webcomic series on zazzle. I don’t know if anyone would actually bother buying them thou. But I would like to sell prints of almost every page and have a link for them underneath the comic page itself. Any thoughts?


Ranters Shop

I have an online store where I sell T-shirts and mugs and stuff with my artwork. I tend to post my store’s link a lot because, well, I want monies. So you’ll just have to endure lol. I’m also debating selling prints of my webcomic, but still haven’t decided yet. Anyways be sure to check out my Shop!




This is my new wordpress blog. At the moment I’m just tweaking it a bit learning how to use it for my future webcomic series. I will be posting random stuff and some of my art and comics on here. 😀